Tutorial Collections 6 and 7 

And Soda Lime Times 2017 Sweepstakes
The Soda Lime Times Tutorial Collection Sweepstakes for 2017 Features a Grand Prize of a Bethlehem Alpha Torch valued at over $200; two second place prizes Gift Certificates at $100 each to CG Beads; three third place prizes of Graceful Custom Tools valued at $45 each; four forth place prizes of  Gift Certificates at $25 each, to Glass Diversions; and, five fifth place prizes of Double Helix Murrini valued at $10.00 each.  Purchasers of the collections will be entered automatically (limit two entries) and non-purchasers may enter the Sweepstakes farther down this page) also limited to two entries.   Scroll down the page for more Sweepstakes rules and information.  
From Soda Lime Times January 2014 to June 2014
29 Step-by-Step Tutorials in 148 Pages
Instant Digital Download
You can now have the tutorials you love together where you can quickly find your favorites and print them to take with you to your studio. Of course, you won’t have all of the other features that make Soda Lime Times so unique, but let’s face it, who doesn’t love tutorials? 
From soda Lime Times July 2014 to December 2014
31 Step-by-step tutorials in 166 pages
Instant Digital Download 
The tutorial collections are from the pages of Soda Lime Times in 2014.  With the collections you don’t have to go through all the issues to find the tutorial you want and, combined with the other collections (1 through 5), you have a super library of top quality tutorials to spark your imagination and add to your skill set.

The Images Shown are Examples of Some of the Tutorials In Collection 6 (on the Left) and Collection 7 (on the Right)
Tutorials Included in Collection 6 
Tutorials Included in Collection 7
More About our Sweepstakes . . .
The Soda Lime Times Sweepstakes for 2017 is being offered in conjunction with the publication of the Volume 6 and Volume 7 collections of tutorials, as originally seen in various issues of the Soda Lime Times during 2014.  

Purchasers of one, or both of the Collections will automatically be entered into the Sweepstakes a maximum of two times.  Purchasers of the 2 volume bundle will automatically be entered into the Sweepstakes twice.


Non-purchaser entrants only have to register once for the Sweepstakes.  Their entry will be made for them twice in the entrant's pool with no further action on their part needed.  Only one registration per person please.  Multiple entries will be disqualified.

The Sweepstakes will run from Sept. 10, 2017 to midnight US Eastern time on Oct. 7, 2017.

Winners will be drawn by random number generator against a final list of entrants, and winners will be notified by email of their winnings.  A list of winners will be posted on Soda Lime Times website following the close of the Sweepstakes.  Complete Sweepstakes Rules may be viewed HERE.  

Questions or issues may be sent to support@vitalityhaus.com.  We wish you well; we wish you luck.

Volume 6 
 About $1.00 per Tutorial
January to June 2014 
Two Volume Bundle 
About $0.82 per Tutorial 
January to December 2014 
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Volume 7
About $0.97 per Tutorial 
July to December 2014
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For those who wish to enter the Sweepstakes without making a purchase please fill in your name and email address below.  Please only do this once. 
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